Brandy's Story by Rachel Hawkinson 

This was my Brandy, a rescue and my undeniable proof that God exists and is always at work for us.  

I was on anti-depressants for two months when I got her in 2003. I hated being on meds. HATED it. But I wasn’t handling life well at the time. I wasn’t looking for her at the time, but she found me. There were four families in front of me to adopt her too, but somehow the universe decided her purpose was to save me. I was able to get off my meds shortly after. I had a reason to get out of bed and something to make my heart feel something good. I don’t know what was wrong with me, but she made it all alright. Thru graduating college, moving, owning a business, treatment, falling in love and having my heart broken, she always made everything - every day - alright.

I had her for 16 years...I knew her longer than I knew my own father.

I said goodbye to her in March 2019 when she was 17. My sweet furry angel. ❤️ 

(I have since adopted another dog who is so different than she was, but is equally lovable and answered a whole other calling in my life.)