Finnley's Story by Laura Parker

My sweetest boy. I was lucky enough to be the person to rescue our dog, Finnley back in 2010. As many rescuers attest, he did indeed wind up rescuing us by providing us with never ending love and dog hair. 

 He was found in Stockton,CA at 3 months old and was supposed to be adopted by another family. I was crushed. However that family elected not to adopt him and we got the call on April Fools Day that he was back up for adoption. I though my boyfriend (now husband) was playing a mean trick but turns out it was simply fate joining us together. 

We made the drive to get him and I walked up to his cage where he simply placed his paw on my hand through the chain link. I didn’t hold him, I hardly interacted with him and yet I couldn’t say “I’ll take him” fast enough. 

He gave us ten years of the best life. And to say we miss him is a grand understatement. But because of him, we will love and rescue again. 

He wasn’t just a good boy. He was the very, very best.