Taco's Story by Candice Waight

My dog Taco was abandoned. His previous owner was a firefighter, and not home much so the poor guy spent the first 5 or 6 years of his life mostly alone in an outdoor kennel. The guy was offered a temporary job in Hawaii and had his friend look after Taco. After a month the temporary job turned into permanent employment and he told his friend that he would not be coming back for the dog, so Taco wound up at the foster home for dogs. 

We had a Border Collie that had just passed and weren't sure if we were ready for a new dog but they had a showing at the local Petsmart. We made an appointment to see Taco and he was such a sweet pea and his foster dad let us take him home to see how he fit in with our family. The poor dog didn't know how to take our house cause we have a pretty open house for our pets. He was never allowed on furniture in his old home, or allowed to bark, or given much love it seems. He wanted all those things but you could see he was very apprehensive to take them. 

He doesn't see well, so he has a hard time playing fetch or ball, (which is why he was having a hard time getting adopted, I guess he was returned a few times) but we found he does see a high powered green laser toy and can chase that around the house. We have had him for about 2 years now, and he is such a great dog. He is a Mallamute, Border Collie. German Shepherd mix but his personality is all Malamute. He is such a loving dog and craves his peoples attention, it must have been terrible for him to be in a kennel alone so much in his younger days. But he is with us now and has a little boy to play with and free reign of the house and 2 acre yard. 

He is so much happier and have even ran into a lady who used to fill his food and water dish when his previous owner was away. She said he is just a completely different dog. He used to try to run away and you could never have him off his leash, he has never once ran away from us so I guess he likes it here and we like him here too. 

Thanks for your time, 

Candice Waight