Purchase With A PURPOSE

With the publication of A Dog's Purpose, W. Bruce Cameron took his lifelong passion for rescue to the next level, by telling the story of one dog soul who reincarnates, remembering all of his lives and people. Bruce and his wife Cathryn truly believe that the love we have with dog souls is eternal, and that one day, we meet again.

In the spirit of all Bruce's bestselling books, they developed this line of products for dog lovers like themselves, and made the commitment that for every product sold, money would be given to a worthy animal organization.

To launch the brand, we're partnered with Life Is Better Rescue, an affiliate partner of Best Friends Animal Society, the amazing organization we partnered with on our most recent Hollywood movie, A Dog's Journey.

When it comes to buying gifts, we like to spoil our people, our pets, and sometimes ourselves.

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Purchase with PURPOSE!

 Fans from all over the world wanted products that celebrate the motto of every animal story that Bruce has ever told: Do we rescue them, or do they rescue us? 


Cathryn and Bruce (along with their rescue mutt Tucker, who really does all the important work of inspiration) decided to create a line of products that would always celebrate the unconditional love of our best friends, and would always benefit animal rescue with every sale made. 
These products are proudly made in America, and proceeds from every sale will benefit animal rescue, starting with our partnership with Life Is Better Rescue (a partner of Best Friends Animal Society).